Of Popes, Chihuahuas, Ex-communicants, and Mother(or Father) Kirk

His Exaltedness, the Right Rev. Kirk, Dominus Apostolicus, Pontifex Maximus, Archiepiscopal Exarch has spoken!

Woe to those who do not heed the words of His servant for his Words are many – too bad his content is cheap.

Perhaps one should heed the warning of the heir to Peter’s Throne. He has spoken infallibly, and speaks the “Truth” (thats capital T too!)  .

You see, when men invite themselves into ecclesiastical affairs, or rather rudely intrude, as if they have any authority outside of their local congregation they can cause serious problems. I guess the problems aren’t serious, but they are most certainly annoying.  Nosey men, irritating men, who are merely tools, lap dogs (think chihuahuas) and servants to the maniacal plans of men thirsty for power and fame will only serve to unify and strengthen the resolve of the local congregation they are attacking. Rev. Kirk (Funny, Kirk is used to refer to the Kirk of Scotland, or the Church, Rev. Kirk…if only he had an ecclesiology worth the name) has offered a bitter critique and review of a series of affairs in our local assembly (of which he was not involved) and continued to push, and push parishioners for a response. Mr. Kirk; this is my response.

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